Wells Fargo My Untold Stories Collection Project

Hey everyone as you know I've been pretty quiet on social media these last few months. Well it's now time to show you all what I've been up to. I've been working with Wells Fargo to illustrate the untold stories of African Americans and the video for one of the stories is now available. Please check it out and send it to whoever you think might enjoy it. Here is the link

My Untold Collection

My Untold Collection

My Untold Story Collection - Etching




Aug 19, 2020


Aug 19, 2020


Jun 24, 2018

Hi Keith,

Your art work is fantastic, mate. I see a lot of optimism in what you do.

I want to personally thank you for an Amazon review you left a few years ago for my book Get Your Art Out There. By all accounts, it seems the book helped you break through some barriers in the earlier stages of your art business. That is great to hear.

I sincerely hope you reach further heights with your art business.

Warm regards,

Carl Kuerschner

Carl Kuerschner

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